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Why Biofuel Is Important November 26, 2018

West Haven, New Haven County
Why Biofuel Is Important, West Haven, Connecticut

Biofuel is an excellent alternative to fossil fuels, especially when it comes to the health of the environment. It’s made from natural, renewable resources and burns clean. This alternative fuel can be used in everything from power tools to public transportation vehicles. Here is a guide to why biofuel is so important. 

Your Quick Guide to Biofuel


Ethanol and biodiesel are the most common biofuel types. Ethanol is a renewable liquid derived from grain fermentation or recycling agricultural wastes. When combined with gasoline, ethanol produces fewer greenhouse gases and carbon monoxide emissions than traditional fuels. Biodiesel is made from combining alcohol with recycled animal fats or cooking oils. This highly combustible liquid is frequently used as an alternative fuel for diesel engines.


biofuelBiofuel is a renewable and sustainable energy source. It causes far less pollution than traditional fossil fuels. It’s also a green way to provide power and energy to most engines, tools, and appliances. Additionally, this energy source is incredibly cost-effective, and you don’t have to use large quantities to produce a lot of energy. 


Biofuels are most commonly used in power tools, engines, lawn mowers, and diesel-powered automobiles. The construction, heat production, agriculture, forestry, and mining industries also use ethanol and biodiesel fuel products. Many industrial, commercial, and residential properties use biofuels to provide heat during the winter. 


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