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How to Properly Care for an Aging Cat November 16, 2018

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How to Properly Care for an Aging Cat, Springfield, Ohio

Aging is a part of life for any creature, and unfortunately, pets are no exception. Your cat will go through some changes as they get older, so it’s important for you to help make their days easier. Senior cats have special needs and need a little extra TLC. Here’s what pet burial service specialists recommend to support your aging cat.

5 Tips on Caring for Senior Cats

1. Increase Frequency of Vet Visits

You should keep a close relationship with your veterinarian throughout your cat’s life, but this is especially true once they reach about seven years of age. Illness develops more commonly in older cats, so to maintain their wellness, increase your visits to once every six months. Your vet will also be able to refer you to compassionate pet burial services later on.

2. Transition to a Special Diet

pet burial servicesNutritional needs change with age, especially if your cat has a chronic disease. Try to keep them at a healthy weight to increase their lifespan. Provide plenty of proteins and fresh water, and ask your vet for advice on feeding senior cats a balanced diet. Cats with conditions such as diabetes and kidney disease will also need a special diet.

3. Make Your Home More Accessible

Like humans, older pets have a harder time moving around the house. Debilitating conditions like arthritis will make jumping and climbing difficult. Consider getting pet steps, ramps, and litter boxes with low sides to provide them better access. Leave food and water out in an easy to reach area.

4. Watch for Age-Related Changes

Even though slowing down is a normal part of aging, never brush it off. Changes in behavior and habits should be brought up with your veterinarian. Whether your cat develops hearing, sight, or bowel issues, all of these problems can potentially be treated. You should always take the opportunity to make the remainder of your cat’s life longer and easier.

5. Cherish Your Time Together

As always, spend as much time as possible with your cat. Treasure your bond and provide plenty of cuddles, love, and care. Remember that you’re going to have to make some tough decisions, like finding the right pet burial services. When the time comes, supportive pet burial services will ease the process of honoring your cat’s memory.


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