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3 Ways to Protect Your Roof This Winter November 26, 2018

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3 Ways to Protect Your Roof This Winter, Kodiak Station, Alaska

While the snow and ice can certainly be a beautiful sight, they can also wreak havoc on your roof if the proper precautions aren’t taken. Preparing for the season and regular roof maintenance are the keys to protecting your roof—and avoiding an unnecessary visit from a roofing contractor to make repairs. Here are three roofing tips to keep in mind during the long winter ahead.

How to Avoid Roof Damage During the Winter

1. Clean Your Gutters

roofing contractorFall leaves can clog your gutters, preventing proper drainage from your roof. As snow melts, all of the water will pool on your roof instead of harmlessly trickling through the gutters and down to the ground. Have your gutters thoroughly inspected and unclogged before the winter.

2. Remove Snow Right Away

A snow-topped home might look idyllic, but the accumulation can spell serious trouble for your roof. The piles of snow can be quite heavy, putting any vulnerable areas at risk of leaking. As the snow and ice melts and refreezes, it can create problematic structures called ice dams. These icy barriers form around or in your gutters and can block proper drainage and damage the shingles, requiring repairs from a professional roofing contractor.

3. Schedule an Inspection at the First Sign of Trouble

Instead of waiting for major issues to come up, watch for any signs of trouble throughout the winter. Icicles, for instance, are a telltale sign of the beginnings of an ice dam, while a drip or excess moisture in your attic is a red flag for drainage or leaking issues. These should be inspected by a professional roofing contractor as soon as possible to avoid further damage.


If you experience roofing problems this winter, Bernie Brothers in Kodiak, AK, is here to help. With more than three decades of experience, these roofing contractors have the skills to handle a wide variety of repairs and installations. From asphalt to metal, this business uses top-quality materials to ensure that your roof lasts for many years. Visit their Facebook page to learn more about their residential and commercial roofing services, or call (907) 481-3900 to speak with a friendly representative.

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