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3 Reasons to Buy Your Kid a Printer for College December 20, 2018

Charleston, Staten Island
3 Reasons to Buy Your Kid a Printer for College, Staten Island, New York

As your child gets ready to head to college, you’ll be acquiring a lengthy list of supplies. One that many people stop and think about is a printer. With campus services available, it can seem like a questionable purchase. There are, however, plenty of viable reasons to pick one up. Here are a few of the most important.

Why College Students Need Personal Printers

1. Convenience

Plenty of campuses offer students free or discounted printing services, but it can be inconvenient to travel back and forth to the library throughout the day and wait in line behind everyone else. Sometimes, your child won’t have time to wait, which is why it’s more convenient to pick up a quality personal printer. 

2. Diversity

printer-alpha-laser-richmondIf your child is studying liberal arts, they may need special printer paper and products, such as iron-ons or fabrics they won’t find at the computer lab or library. Ultimately, they may end up going to an off-campus print shop, which can be more expensive and inconvenient. Consider how they’ll use the printer. If the scope is diverse, it’s a worthwhile investment.

3. Cost

If your student has to pay for printing services, even if it’s at a discount, the expenses can add up. Coupled with gas money if they live off campus and the cost of time and convenience, the collective price throughout their college experience will surpass the upfront price of a printer. College students on a budget need to save every penny they can, and when you buy a printer, you can be confident their money is going where it needs to.


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