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How Flushing Wipes Can Lead to a Clogged Drain November 23, 2018

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How Flushing Wipes Can Lead to a Clogged Drain, Saratoga, Wisconsin

Disposable wipes have become popular among adults around the world.  Although these products are often labeled “flushable,” they can cause problems in pipes and sewer lines, leading to clogged drains. If you use these products at home, here’s what you should know about disposing of them.

Why You Shouldn’t Flush Disposable Wipes

Unlike toilet paper, disposable wipes aren’t designed to break down quickly. Some plumbers even find wipes intact in the drains months after they’ve been flushed. One or two stuck wipes might not seem like a problem, but they can gather other waste and create a massive clog in the pipes, slowing or stopping the drains altogether. If your plumbing is old, your home may be particularly at risk. Aging pipes may have corroded spots that are more likely to snag debris such as disposable wipes. If you notice a clogged drain in your home, contact a plumber before the issue gets worse.

clogged drainWhat You Should Do Instead

The simplest solution is to only use toilet paper that will break down quickly. However, if you like using sanitary wipes in the bathroom, you can invest in a sealed trash receptacle that will prevent any odors from escaping. If you like wet wipes for their soothing properties, there are a variety of gels and creams you could substitute for relief. Whatever you do, don’t flush the wipes; you’ll only put yourself at greater risk of an inconvenient clogged drain.


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