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3 Signs You Have Drainage Issues in Your Yard November 27, 2018

Aiea, Ewa
3 Signs You Have Drainage Issues in Your Yard, Ewa, Hawaii

Maintaining a beautiful landscape design is a source of pride that takes effort. Once you’ve planted your ideal landscape, you’ll need to monitor the area and take care of any issues that could hinder growth and aesthetics, like drainage problems. If you’re concerned about your watering routine and whether fluids are properly draining, here are a few signs you shouldn’t ignore.

3 Indicators of Drainage Problems 

1. Wet Spots

If your yard is struggling with drainage, you’ll find spots that always appear wet and feel soggy to the touch. Consult your landscaping contractor for help determining whether it’s because of the type of soil, overwatering, or just the way your yard naturally lies. Once the cause is identified, they can recommend a solution.

Drainage2. Mulch or Top Soil Movement

Whether you have a built-in irrigation system, sprinklers, or you provide your plants with moisture via a hose, the process of watering your yard should not disturb the overall design. The liquid should be absorbed into the soil. When drainage problems exist, water won’t penetrate the soil. Instead, with nowhere to go, water will start to push topsoil, mulch, bark, or landscaping pebbles out of place. 

3. Stunted Plant Growth

Plant growth is directly related to water absorption into the soil. Pay attention to your foliage. If you notice stunted growth or the appearance of yellow lines along the edges of leaves, a drainage complication could be disrupting their photosynthesis process. 


If you're having problems with the drainage in your yard, consult the fully insured and licensed team at Aloha 'Aina Landscaping in Honolulu, HI. They specialize in landscape design, general maintenance, and drainage correction. Call (808) 291-0143 to schedule an appointment today. For more information on how this local company will make your landscaping more beautiful and functional, visit their website

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