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Watch Out! What you drink matters! November 15, 2018

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Watch Out! What you drink matters!, O'Fallon, Missouri

Soft drinks and carbonated sodas are a mainstay of the American beverage diet, but they could be a major contributor to poor bone health. An occasional soda is no big deal, but most people pop the top on soft drinks multiple times a week, which could ultimately lead to weaker bones.

Can soda really hurt my bones?

Plenty of soft drinks contain phosphoric acid, which can cause the body to lose calcium in the urine. Soft drinks don’t contain calcium, either, which means drinking a can of soda won’t replenish nutrients the same way a glass of milk or fresh juice would.

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Is caffeinated soda really bad for me?

Some studies have shown that caffeine in coffee and sodas is bad for you, but caffeinated tea is not. Scientists are working on finding out exactly why, but theories so far are that teas contain much less caffeine than coffee and soda, so it takes more cups to get the same effect. Teas are also natural and contain antioxidants, whereas sodas and flavored coffees are usually packed with additives.

Is carbonation bad for my bones?

Carbonation in soda won’t hurt your bones, according to one study conducted by Tufts University for the U.S. Department of Agriculture Human Nutrition Research Center. The study measured bone mineral density in people who drank regular cola daily versus people who drank less than one cola per month or noncola carbonated beverages. Those who drank regular and diet colas more often had significantly lower bone mineral density, but people who drank noncola carbonated beverages had normal bone density.

Is diet soda bad for my bones, too?

The Tufts study found similar low bone density levels in those who drank regular and diet colas. Decaffeinated cola had a slightly better result, but was still lower than the bone density of those who stuck to non cola carbonated drinks.

Swap sugary sodas for healthier club sodas

Lots of club sodas come in fruity flavors that don’t contain the empty calories and sugars in typical soda. You can mix regular or flavored club soda with your favorite natural juices to make a mocktail with all the fizz of soda and none of the nutrient-zapping phosphor.

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