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3 Safety Tips for Using the Stove November 23, 2018

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3 Safety Tips for Using the Stove, Delhi, Ohio

The stove and oven are among the most important appliances in the house, but they also have the potential to be the most dangerous. Without proper use, you could find yourself needing major stove repairs or even put yourself or a family member at risk of serious injury. These basic tips will help you avoid the need for repairs and keep your home safe.

3 Tips for Safe Stove & Oven Use

1. Cook With Care

Most stove and oven accidents occur due to unsafe cooking habits. Simple actions like cleaning up spills, turning pot handles inward, and never leaving the stove unattended while cooking can go a long way toward preventing a fire. Keeping kids out of the kitchen and rolling up sleeves while cooking will also help you avoid accidents.

2. Keep a Fire Extinguisher Handy

stove repairMany stove repair issues occur due to improper efforts to put out a fire. Throwing water on a grease fire can actually make the problem worse and could cause the fire to spread. The safest option is to keep a fire extinguisher close by to quickly put a stop to the flames. Covering the fire with a metal lid or baking soda can also help extinguish the blaze, depending on its size.

3. Keep Items Away

Loose items often present a significant fire hazard. Before you start cooking, make sure that any loose or flammable items, including oven mitts, have been moved away from active burners. You should also check the oven before use to make sure that nothing has been left inside. 


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