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4 Safe Driving Tips for the Holiday Season December 3, 2018

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4 Safe Driving Tips for the Holiday Season, Fairfield, Ohio

The holidays are nearly here, which means Americans will be hitting the road to visit families, run errands, and take care of holiday shopping. This increased traffic often leads to more driving hazards, and car insurance companies often see a spike in accident claims. However, many accidents can be avoided by taking some extra precautions, especially if you’re heading off on a road trip of your own.

4 Tips for Safer Holiday Driving

1. Maintain Your Vehicle

Breaking down on the side of the road is always inconvenient, and it might even be dangerous in bad weather conditions. If you’re planning a long drive, have your car inspected before you leave, get an oil change, and have any outstanding maintenance issues taken care of.

car insurance companies2. Pack Emergency Supplies

Having a flashlight, extra batteries, and other supplies in your vehicle can save a life if you’re involved in an accident or experience a breakdown. Most car insurance companies also recommend keeping a blanket, road flares, and hazard triangles in your trunk for emergencies.

3. Check the Traffic

The safest way to deal with traffic is to avoid it as much as possible. Whether you’re going across the country or commuting to work, check the weather and traffic conditions before you leave, and plan a new route if necessary.

4. Give Yourself Extra Time

During the holiday season, leave a little earlier than you normally would to account for the added traffic. Having more time to reach your destination will help you avoid getting frustrated and taking unnecessary risks.


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