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Why Matchmaking Is More Effective Than Online Dating December 12, 2018

Glendale, Milwaukee
Why Matchmaking Is More Effective Than Online Dating, Glendale, Wisconsin

In today’s fast-paced society, dating might seem like more of a chore than a journey. Many working professionals find themselves short on time and resort to online dating. Unfortunately, this often leads to unpleasant encounters, disappointment, and wasted time. If you’re ready for an enhanced dating experienced, try a matchmaking service. The following guide explains the benefits of investing in a matchmaker.

The Advantages of Matchmaking Over Online Dating

1. Higher Quality Matches

Matchmakers don’t allow just anyone to use their services. Everyone must apply, and each applicant is carefully vetted in person. Unlike online profiles, there are no chances of a date misrepresenting themselves. Anyone who pays for a premium matching service is serious about relationships.

2. Your Time Is Valued

While the matchmaking process does take longer than creating an online profile, it’s a much more precise method. A matchmaker will sit down with you and discuss what you’re looking for in a relationship, and to truly find the perfect fit, this may take hours. Every minute counts, however, and the results can produce a match who is certainly worth your time.

3. Thorough Matching Process

Everyone has varied matchmakingtastes and preferences. Although dating profiles may ask you a few questions, they don’t get into the deeper inquiries that will indicate how well you connect with others. Matchmakers set you up with clients who match with you on every level, including emotionally, socially, physically, and morally. You won’t have to worry about opposing family goals, politics, or temperaments.

4. Safer Dating Experience

Many individuals have valid concerns about the danger of meeting strangers on the internet. With a thorough screening process, verification, and guaranteed confidentiality, matchmaking is ultimately the safer option. Matchmakers also keep your personal information private, so no one else can access your data.

5. Personalized Coaching

Whether you’re new to the dating game or just a bit rusty, matchmakers serve as personal trainers. They’ll coach you through the dating process and even share feedback from your dates. Helpful advice, constructive criticism, and encouragement might be just what you need to find the relationship of your dreams.


Are you tired of failed dates and shallow online profiles? Use LUMA – Luxury Matchmaking to turn your love life around. With locations in 17 states, this matchmaking company helps thousands of clients across the nation find their soulmates. Every individual goes through an in-person vetting process, so you’ll never find a fake profile in their search service. Their process is safe, methodical, and personal, and your matchmaker will be available to coach you, too. Learn more about what sets this dating service apart by visiting them online, or call (844) 822-5862 to speak with a matchmaker.

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