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How to Reduce the Risk of Falling Victim to Medical Malpractice November 30, 2018

Mason, Warren
How to Reduce the Risk of Falling Victim to Medical Malpractice, Mason, Ohio

In a perfect world, patients could trust their health care providers fully and defer to them for every medical decision that matters. In reality, though, you must advocate for yourself in medical settings because no one else will do so for you. At the end of the day, doctors are only human, and even the most experienced physicians are liable to make mistakes. Fortunately, there are relatively simple ways to reduce the risk of falling victim to medical malpractice. Here are just a few tips for protecting yourself when seeking care. 

3 Tips for Reducing the Risk of Medical Malpractice 

1. Seek a Second Opinion

A misdiagnosis can have devastating repercussions. Depending on the circumstances, it could even be life-threatening. Therefore, it is wise to seek a second opinion if anything feels amiss. For example, if the provider fails to conduct adequate tests before making a diagnosis or does not take all your symptoms into account, it may be worth seeing someone else. 

2. Research Providers Thoroughly 

medical malpracticePhysicians who have already been sued are more likely to get sued again. As a result, one of the best ways to protect yourself from medical malpractice is by researching every provider whom you’re considering before making an appointment. You can start by using the search function powered by the Federation of State Medical Boards. It is also wise to review testimonials from other patients to see what they have to say about each doctor’s bedside manner. 

3. Keep Your Own Notes

Since you likely see multiple providers at various facilities, it’s unreasonable to expect any single clinic to have a comprehensive medical record for you. Therefore, it’s up to you to track all medications you’re taking, as well as any procedures and screenings you have undergone. Bringing this document to every appointment will significantly reduce the chances of suffering complications like medication interactions. It will also allow you to stay on top of all recommended preventive care. 


Sadly, you can follow all of the above tips and may still end up receiving substandard care when it matters most. If you were the victim of medical malpractice, turn to a personal injury attorney at The Law Office of Gregory S. Young in Ohio. Established in 1958 and based in Cincinnati, they now have 13 convenient locations throughout Ohio and Kentucky, and their legal team is available 24/7 to discuss your personal injury needs. Visit their website to find the office nearest you, or call (513) 721-1077 to schedule an initial consultation at their main practice.