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What Are the Most Common iPhone® Problems? November 26, 2018

South Riding, Loudoun
What Are the Most Common iPhone® Problems?, South Riding, Virginia

Apple® has made its iPhone® fully equipped to handle heavy daily use. However, like any other electronic device, hardware and software damage or malfunctions do happen. Hire a professional to perform iPhone repairs to avoid risking further damage on your unit, especially if you encounter some of the common issues below.

5 Problems That Require iPhone Repairs

1. Freezing

If your iPhone freezes, won’t turn off or on, or is stuck on the logo screen, try doing a hard reset by holding the sleep and home buttons for 10 seconds and following the on-screen prompts. This reboots your phone, including its memory, but won’t erase any data stored. If your phone remains unresponsive after repeated forced restarts, bring it to an iPhone repair center to have it checked for any hardware- or software-related issues.

2. Poor Battery Life

iphone repairWhen your iPhone runs out of battery more quickly than usual, check if you’ve updated to the latest operating system to see if there’s a patch to address potential battery-draining issues. Eke out more life from the battery by switching to Low Power Mode in the Settings and uninstalling apps that consume power by holding your finger on the icon and then pressing the red X that appears. If you’ve done everything but still find yourself charging your phone more frequently, you might need to replace the battery.  

3. Overheating

Electronic devices overheat with heavy usage, and your iPhone is no exception. Let it cool down before using it again for processor-intensive tasks, and then track which apps are consuming more power than usual by going to Settings and then Cellular. If the issue still persists after resets and restores, there may be a problem with the hardware itself, so seek professional assistance.

4. Unresponsive Screen

If you have an unresponsive touchscreen, wipe it clean or remove any protectors to improve responsiveness and sensitivity. Do a hard reset, as well. If these solutions don’t solve the problem, take your unit to a service provider for possible screen repair or replacement.

5. Water Damage

Accidents, like spills and dropping your device in wet spots, can lead to water damage, especially if your unit isn’t waterproof like recent models. While there are several do-it-yourself troubleshooting tactics online, applying them may not be worth the risk. Instead, switch off your phone and bring it to an iPhone repair shop for a proper prognosis.  


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