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How to Determine if Your HVAC System Needs Repairing or Replacing? November 22, 2018

Sylvania, Lucas
How to Determine if Your HVAC System Needs Repairing or Replacing?, Sylvania, Ohio

Maintaining your HVAC system ensures a long life span of keeping your house adequately warm. Unfortunately, all setups will start to experience problems after they’ve been running for a decade or more. To determine if yours still has a few more years left in it or should be replaced, use the guidelines from HVAC contractors below. 

Age & Repair Costs

Even well-maintained systems will eventually start to develop massive component failure. According to HVAC contractors, you can expect this to occur between year 15 and 25 of the installation’s life span. Air conditioners and heat pumps average between 10 and 15 years, and furnaces can last up to 25 years.  Whenever a costly repair arises, always consider the 50 percent rule. If the repair costs exceed 50 percent of a new unit, you are better off replacing. 

Energy Efficiency & Environmental Impacthvac contractor

If you’ve noticed your utility bills going up, your aging HVAC system is working harder to keep your home comfortable. Units 10 years or older are often less efficient than newer models. HVAC contractors point out that newer heating and air conditioning systems that have earned ENERGY STAR® labels can save you up to 20 percent on energy bills. 

Swapping to a more efficient unit will help to lower your carbon footprint. Modern setups also use Puron refrigerant, also known as R410A, which does not release any ozone-depleting chemicals and is nonflammable, noncorrosive, and nontoxic. 

If you’re tired of repairing your HVAC system or just want to make the swap to a more energy efficient model, contact the team at Overcashier & Horst Heating & Air Conditioning. Since 1957, this locally-owned company has provided installation and repair services to the Sylvania, OH, area. The HVAC contractors also carry quality products from leading brands like Armstrong Air®. For more information about these heating contractors and their services, call them at (419) 841-3333 and visit their website.

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