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When Is the Best Time of Year for Siding Replacement? December 7, 2018

Franklin, Licking
When Is the Best Time of Year for Siding Replacement?, Franklin, Ohio

If your home is due for a siding upgrade, you want to schedule the installation before winter sets in. While spring and summer are busy months for contractors, fall is the optimal season for the work. The following guide outlines some key advantages of scheduling your siding replacement for autumn.

3 Reasons to Replace Siding During Fall   

1. Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Whether you choose vinyl or wood siding, moderate temperatures are best for the installation process. Hot summer temperatures can cause siding to buckle, warp, or crack when the technician nails them in. Meanwhile, freezing temperatures can cause it to contract or shatter. For that reason, experts recommend installing siding when it’s about 50 to 70 degrees outside.

2. Prepare for Winter

sidingYour home’s siding provides invaluable insulation all year long. During the coldest months of the year, however, proper insulation is even more imperative to remain comfortable and curb interior heating expenditures. Old, outdated siding lets heat escape, especially if it contains cracks and other weak spots. Fall offers the perfect time for an upgrade to stay warm during the season ahead.

3. Save Money

Since siding contractors attract more business during the spring and summer, homeowners enjoy greater scheduling flexibility by booking during fall. Contractors eager to book clients this time of year also often offer lower prices. These companies may also receive discounts on materials like wood and vinyl at the end of summer or start of fall, which drops prices further. 


If you’re due for a siding upgrade, contact Newark, Ohio’s top general contractors. The team from CL Siding & Construction provide the highest quality craftsmanship on roofing, siding, and gutters. With over 20 years of experience serving Licking County, you can rely on the team to provide the high-quality, economical service you deserve. To learn more about residential and commercial siding services, visit the business online or call today at (740) 323-1406.

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