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3 Reasons to Review Your Insurance Policies Before the New Year November 22, 2018

Montgomery, Montgomery
3 Reasons to Review Your Insurance Policies Before the New Year, Montgomery, Ohio

With the year drawing to a close, it’s time to start thinking about your upcoming goals and resolutions. One of the keys to starting the new year off right is to make sure your finances are in order. This includes making sure you have the right insurance coverage to protect yourself from significant loss in the face of a disaster. Here are a few good reasons to schedule an appointment with your insurance agent to review your current policies.  

Why You Should Perform a Year-End Review of Your Insurance Policies 

1. Increase in Asset Value

If you completed any home renovations or upgrades over the past year or purchased a new car, the value of your assets will have increased. You may also be gifted items during the holidays that are worth a substantial amount. In this case, it’s likely the coverage you have now doesn’t sufficiently account for this. You will want to consider getting higher limits to cover your more valuable property. 

2. Check for Discounts 

insurance agentA major benefit of reviewing your insurance policies is to ensure you’re receiving all the discounts you’re eligible for. There’s a chance you could now qualify for savings that were previously unavailable to you. Your insurance agent will determine if you’re missing out on a reduced premium and apply the appropriate discounts so you can keep more money in your pocket next year. 

3. Lifestyle Changes 

A lot can change in a year. If you experienced any significant life events, such as a marriage, birth of a baby, or home purchase, this warrants modifying your coverage needs. You’ll want to discuss the differences in your situation with an insurance agent to ensure your policy applies to your new circumstances.


If you have any questions regarding your existing insurance coverage, contact the professionals at Albers Insurance Agency. With nearly 70 years of industry experience, their insurance agents can easily spot any areas where you lack adequate protection. They will go over all your options with you and assist you in putting together a policy that properly addresses all your coverage needs. Call the Cincinnati, OH-based agency at (513) 891-3304 to set up a meeting before the new year arrives, or visit their website to view the wide variety of products they offer. 

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