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3 Steps to Take During a Power Outage December 7, 2018

Ellsworth, Pierce
3 Steps to Take During a Power Outage, Ellsworth, Wisconsin

Power outages can strike at any moment. Regardless of their duration, these outages can be detrimental to both your safety and the performance of your household appliances. The good news is that knowing some electrician-approved best practices for riding out the loss of power in your home can help ensure that you’re protected. Here are a few things to keep in mind if the lights go out in your house. 

Top 3 Electrician-Approved Steps to Protect Yourself When You Lose Power

1. Unplug Your Appliances

Power outages are unpredictable. When power is finally restored, electricity often surges back at elevated levels. This can cause major damage. Unplug items like your stove, electronics, and other large appliances that could be susceptible to higher voltages to prevent loss of their functionality.

2. Practice Caution

Power outages can be dangerous for several reasons. Make sure to discard refrigerated and frozen food that has been left to thaw or sit in elevated temperatures. Food should be safe as long as the power is out less than four hours, but you should throw out any perishables that have sat in temperatures above 40 degrees for more than two hours. You should also be cognizant of downed electrical wires or other hazards that may have instigated the loss of power in the first place. Finally, you should use flashlights rather than candles to find your way around during a power outage and reduce the risk of fire. 

3. Know When to Call for Help

electricianOverloading a circuit, faulty wiring, and aging electrical systems can lead to a loss of power. If you’re unsure about the service life of your existing electrical system, or if you think you might have shorted out a circuit, call an electrician to assess your electrical needs and make any upgrades to protect your house.


Being prepared is the best way to avoid widespread problems when your power goes out. Consulting a trusted electrician like the professionals at Walter’s Inc. in Ellsworth, WI, can pay dividends during these chaotic times. They’re proud to serve home and business owners across Pierce County with quality service at a competitive price. To schedule an estimate, call the pros today at (715) 792-5336. Visit them online for more information on their heating, plumbing, and electrical services.  

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