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Top Children's Toys for Various Ages November 29, 2018

Mamaroneck, Westchester
Top Children's Toys for Various Ages, Mamaroneck, New York

Every parent believes their children should receive only the best toys possible, but it’s not always obvious what those toys are — especially as children age. Children’s toys are labeled with age recommendations because toys help kids meet specific developmental needs at various stages; however, there’s more to choosing the right toy than labels. Parents looking for safe products that children will also enjoy playing with can use this information as a guide.

Toys to Consider for Every Age Group

1. 0 to 12 Months Old

The youngest of children need toys that will stimulate their senses, and parents can’t go wrong with colorful plush animals, small fabric balls, crib mobiles, and rattles. Mirrors can also be attached to cribs to encourage an infant’s visual curiosity, but make sure they aren’t breakable. As infants grow close to their first year, floor gyms and activity boards also inspire movement.

2. 1 to 2 Years Old

When babies reach age one, they begin to enjoy playing. Toys that respond to their actions encourage them to use their growing motor skills. Stacking rings, shape sorters, playtime hammering sets, and push-and-pull toys that play music are all ideal choices.

3. 2 to 3 Years Old

children's toysAt this age, kids are increasingly active and love to play on their own. High-tech children’s toys that imitate real sounds help them with pretend play as they begin to imitate the people around them. Toy telephones, ride-on toys, a kitchen set, and dolls or stuffed animals make excellent gifts for your toddler. Puzzles and large building blocks also encourage creativity and problem-solving.

4. 4 to 5 Years Old

Kids become active learners at this stage, which means interactive and educational toys are a must. Electronic phonics toys, board games, arts and crafts, dress-up clothes, dolls and action figures, and bicycles are the perfect children’s toys for curious little ones.

5. 6 to 7 Years Old

Kids start solidifying their interests when they reach six or seven, and screen time is big. Age-appropriate tablets, video games, and robotics are favorites — but so are science kits, strategic board games, remote-control cars, telescopes, and sports equipment.

6. 8 Years & Older

As they advance toward their pre-teen years, children have developed the basics of their personalities. By age eight, their interests should drive gift giving. This is the age when many kids become collectors of products that support their interests. Outdoor sports and video games never fail to please, but crafts and board games are also still appropriate.


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