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How to Talk to Children About the Loss of a Sibling November 22, 2018

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How to Talk to Children About the Loss of a Sibling, Colchester, Connecticut

Outliving a child is a traumatic experience for any parent, taking an entire lifetime to process. Moving through the stages of grief can be difficult for adults, as well as surviving siblings. When planning the funeral service, and when returning to normal life, children often don’t understand the reasons why parents have changed so dramatically. Here are some suggestions to help kids cope with the loss of a sibling. 

How to Help Kids Cope With a Sibling’s Death 

Involve Them in the Funeral Service 

Leading up to the funeral service can be a stressful time for everyone in the family. While concentrating on making funeral arrangements, children might feel like they’re getting in the way. This could be an isolating experience and could make them less eager to share their feelings. If you have older children, include them in the funeral service events. They could share a story, create a display board of family photos, or sing a song to honor your loved one. Participating will help them with the grieving process.  

Share Memories at Home

After the funeral service, children might feel hesitant to talk about theirfuneral services deceased sibling. They may be afraid of the reaction it could spark in their parents. Encouraging kids to share memories at home will reaffirm that your loved one will never be forgotten. Being able to remember the person fondly will also ensure that the sibling bond is never broken.

Seek Professional Help

Your kids could exhibit behavioral problems that stem from dealing with painful emotions. To ensure that your surviving children maintain a good quality of life, reach out to a therapist for advice. They will work with them to develop healthy ways to deal with their emotions, while providing suggestions on how to open up the lines of communication at home.


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