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What Exercises Are Best for Your Body Shape? November 21, 2018

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
What Exercises Are Best for Your Body Shape?, Brooklyn, New York

Because all bodies are different, it’s important to tailor a fitness regimen for your particular shape. This way, a personal trainer can work with you on exercises that provide the desired results. Here is a quick guide to determining your body type and what workouts will benefit you the most.  

Pear Shapes Should Concentrate on Tightening the Thighs & Buttocks 

Pear-shaped bodies are larger in the hips and thighs and smaller in the upper body. Because of the uneven weight distribution, work out both the upper and lower regions to provide balance. To tone the bottom half, a personal trainer may recommend static lunges to strengthen quads and gluteal muscles. Leg lifts will also tighten the glutes and abdomen. V-pull plié exercises involve raising dumbbells to eliminate arm and shoulder flab.  

Hourglass Figures Should Tone the Arms & Legs

An hourglass shape has a small waist and larger hips and bust. To define the curves, build muscle tone in the arms and legs, while also strengthening the core. Glute bridge with tricep extensions target these areas. This exercise involves lifting the hips into the air while in a lying position and then raising the arms with dumbbells. Practicing this exercise will tone the butt, core, and triceps. Leg lifts help define the thigh and calf muscles.  

Banana Bodies Should Add Definition to the Waist & Legs

personal trainerA banana, or straight, body type has few curves, which is why exercises should center around defining the waistline and making the legs shapelier. Side-to-side plank push-ups will help sculpt the core and build the arm muscles. Fencer’s lunge extensions will tone the legs and hips. 

Apple Shapes Should Shed Body Fat Throughout

Apple shapes are rounder all over when compared to other body types. For a more sculpted frame, concentrate on removing the fat throughout, paying particular attention to the midsection. The rear lunge chop boosts core strength, while also working muscles in the hips, calves, and thighs. Pull-down extensions help firm the upper arms and shoulders. 


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