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3 Compelling Reasons to Add Onto Your Home December 7, 2018

Bayfield, Bayfield
3 Compelling Reasons to Add Onto Your Home, Bayfield, Wisconsin

When you love your home but you have outgrown the space, you might be thinking about a home addition. Although the process might seem complex, working with skilled remodeling contractors can help you to create a functional, beautiful space you will love. Here are three compelling reasons to add onto your existing home. 

Benefits of Home Additions

1. Accommodate a Growing Family

home additionsWhether you choose to adopt, discover you are pregnant, or let a friend or family member move in with you, you might realize that you don’t have enough rooms for everyone. However, by incorporating one or more home additions into your layout, you can gain enough space for your entire family. 

2. Enjoy More Living Space

Home additions can also be used to increase the size of common areas, such as living rooms, family areas, kitchens, or office spaces. With more room, these areas can also accommodate more people or additional pieces of furniture, making it possible to use the room for more than one purpose. 

3. Add Value to Your Home

By adding space, you can also bolster the selling price of your home. However, some home additions improve value more than others. For instance, while sunrooms may only boost your home’s value by 50 to 60% of their average $80,000 cost, kitchen additions have a home addition return on investment of up to 80%, even though they tend to cost more upfront.

Before you add onto your home, think about the return on your investment, and talk with your real estate agent and remodeling contractor about getting the most bang for your buck. 


Do you have a vision for what you want your home to look like? Make that dream a reality by working with Dahl Construction Company in Bayfield, WI. In addition to helping their clients with comprehensive construction services ranging from planning to finish work, they also offer complimentary estimates for home additions. Learn why so many of their clients are return customers by visiting their website or by giving their office a call at (715) 779-3600.

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