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How Standing All Day Can Cause Foot Pain December 7, 2018

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How Standing All Day Can Cause Foot Pain, Mount Sterling, Kentucky

Teachers, salespeople, servers, and construction workers all share something in common: foot pain after a long day of work. If your job requires eight or more hours of standing on your feet, you may already share their experience through painful heels, swollen calves, fatigued thighs, and an achy lower back. Over time, these seemingly harmless conditions can have a serious impact on your posture and may even lead to chronic conditions.

How Standing All Day Can Lead to Foot Pain

Foot Pain From Standing

Standing for long periods without breaks is one of the leading causes of foot pain, due to the constant impact of your body weight on your feet. Also, wearing shoes with inadequate support can also worsen the problem. High heels demand stability from your ankle joints and heel support. Flat shoes may lead to plantar fasciitis due to their lack of support. Improper running shoes can also cause unnecessary stress on the foot, negatively affecting your stride.  All of these conditions can lead to overcompensation and ultimately, misalignment of the joints and muscles of the body.

Wearing Proper Footwear

foot painWhenever possible, take sitting breaks off of your feet. If constantly standing on your feet is non-negotiable, wearing customized shoes can minimize the impact of your body weight, easing the tension on feet and cushioning each step. Ensure that you’re wearing the right size of shoes and know that size may vary. Some people often purchase shoes that are too small, cutting off circulation and putting even more pressure on their feet.

Foot Care and Remedies

Practicing foot care regularly can help alleviate most foot pain. When at work, change positions frequently to avoid bearing weight unevenly through your feet. While at home, take some time to roll a tennis ball under each foot for a few minutes at a time. If you’re stretching your feet, remember to stretch other muscles of the lower body, including calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, and lower back. Elevating your legs and feet may also help swollen feet by decreasing circulation to the lower body. 


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