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4 Steps to Creating a Successful Social Media Strategy for Your Business December 21, 2018

Huntington, Huntington
4 Steps to Creating a Successful Social Media Strategy for Your Business, Huntington, New York

One of the keys to a successful business development strategy is targeting your customers and meeting their needs, which means cultivating a strong social media presence. After all, 70% of Gen Xers are likely to buy something from a brand they follow on social media, and the platforms are even more important for younger consumers. Developing an effective social media presence may seem daunting, especially if you haven’t had much success in the past, but the tips below will help you develop a winning strategy.

How to Develop a Fruitful Social Media Approach to Boost Your Business

1. Set Clear, Attainable Goals

business developmentMany business owners know how important social media is, so they set up accounts on several platforms at once without knowing what to expect. If your activity doesn’t pay dividends in the short term, you’re more likely to get frustrated and just abandon the platform. Set goals for what you want to achieve on each channel and set benchmarks to measure your progress. This is a crucial step in your business development strategy to ensure that you don’t stray from social media, even if you encounter obstacles. 

2. Know Your Audience

Not all social media platforms are the same, so knowing which channels are most popular among your client base is key to a successful strategy. The Pew Research Center estimates that Facebook is popular among all age groups; however, 55% of individuals 50 or older prefer Facebook over Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram. The report shows that those between 18 and 24 are more likely to use Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter, than those in the 25 to 29 age group. Overall, 88% of those in the 18- to 29-year-old group, 78% in the 30- to 49-year-old group, and 64% of those among ages 50 to 64 all reported using any social media platform. 

3. Use a Social Media Dashboard

Getting followers is crucial for social media success, but you also need to know how those potential customers are interacting with you online. However, the platforms themselves don’t provide enough data to inform a business development strategy, so invest in a dashboard that shows who is clicking your links, analyzes the demographics of your followers, and provides the granular information you need. These dashboards can show you what time users click on your content, which can help you target your audience during their peak social media use. 

4. Develop Engaging Content

Creating an engaging social media presence means walking a fine line between promoting your products and building your brand identity. Sharing original content alongside sales and photos of your products will help build your audience and keep followers coming back, eventually resulting in sales and a stronger bottom line. Posting contests can boost audience engagement, especially if the contest urges customers to post photos or provide feedback on an item or topic. 


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