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3 Instances When You Could Use a Forklift Rental November 21, 2018

Moanalua, Honolulu
3 Instances When You Could Use a Forklift Rental, Honolulu, Hawaii

When you need to bring a heavy object down from a significant height, there’s only one piece of machinery that will do the trick: a forklift. However, if you don’t use the machinery on a consistent basis and have nowhere to store it, you’ll only want to have access to the gear temporarily. In this case, get a forklift rental. Here are three situations in which you should take this route.

When Do You Need a Forklift Rental?

1. DIY Construction Project

Whether you’re building a treehouse in the backyard or loading roofing materials onto the top of your home, you could use mechanical help to get the job done. Instead of potentially hurting yourself or your helpers and damaging the supplies, arrange for a forklift rental. When you’re done, you can return the machinery and enjoy more space to work.

2. Short-Term Lifting Job

forklift rentalPerhaps you have an upcoming project that requires the use of a forklift for more than a day, but not long enough to warrant owning one. If you’re setting up a new retail shop, a forklift rental will come in handy for moving materials and inventory. You might also need a short-term rental for lifting supplies at a dock or a salvage yard, or when moving portable toilets.

3. Warehouse Organization

Forklifts are essential tools for warehouse management teams since they are narrow enough to squeeze down small aisles yet strong enough to lift and lower heavy items. If you’re reorganizing the bulk of your inventory, you might want to schedule a forklift rental for anywhere from a few days to a few months.


If you could benefit from a forklift rental, turn to Forklift Hawaii of Honolulu. They have over 15 years of experience lending quality equipment in various sizes, and they’re happy to help make your project go more smoothly whether you’re on Oahu or a neighbor island. For more information on their offerings, visit their website, and call (808) 478-6297 to inquire about scheduling a rental.