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5 Smart Tips to Keep Energy Bills Low November 21, 2018

Ottawa, Waukesha
5 Smart Tips to Keep Energy Bills Low, Ottawa, Wisconsin

Every year, much of the cost of running your household comes from paying your gas company, electric bill, and other utilities. To save money, there are some measures you can take to use these services less. Here are a few tips for cutting utility costs while staying comfortable.

How to Cut Gas Company Costs

1. Wash Clothes on Cool

Heating water uses a significant amount of energy—either gas or electric depending on your appliances. When you can, choose a lower temperature setting for washing your clothes and dishes.

2. Clean Your HVAC Filters

Gas CompanyYour furnace and air conditioning use fans to draw air through the system. The more clogged the air filters, the harder it is for air to go through, and the more work the fans do. Cleaning the filter means air can pass through easily again, keeping energy use down. This is a step you can handle yourself before reaching out to your gas company.

3. Adjust Your Thermostat

Your home’s temperature should be set higher in summer and cooler in winter so that the system doesn’t have to do as much work. Wearing a sweater in cold weather or using fans in hot weather will help make these choices comfortable.

4. Use a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat takes your daily routine into account, keeping the home comfortable when you’re in it and saving energy when you’re out. Sleep is another opportunity for your thermostat to use less energy. There are even smart varieties available which will learn your preferences without you having to program them. 

5. Improve Insulation

The better the insulation in your home, the better heat or cold are trapped inside, putting less strain on your HVAC system. In addition to installing new materials in the walls, you can use caulk around your windows and door frames, and install insulated glass to decrease heat transfer.


For more money-saving options, get in touch with your gas company today. Dousman LP Gas has provided cost-effective propane tanks across Waukesha County, WI, for over 37 years, as well as offering HVAC maintenance to keep your appliances running efficiently so that you save on energy. To schedule delivery from this local gas company, call (262) 965-2679 or get in touch online.

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