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3 Potential Dangers of Do-It-Yourself Tree Cutting November 27, 2018

Midland City, Dale
3 Potential Dangers of Do-It-Yourself Tree Cutting  , Midland City, Alabama

Whether a tree on your property impedes your view or poses a safety hazard, you may feel tempted to take matters into your own hands. Before you break out the chainsaw, however, remember that large trees can pose serious, life-threatening dangers when toppled. The following guide offers just a few reasons to always enlist a professional for tree cutting services.

What Hazards Does DIY Tree Cutting Present?

1. Personal Injury

A professional arborist knows how to assess the tree for weight unbalances and prevent it falling in the wrong direction. An expert will also use high quality equipment, including cranes, rope wrenches, and head-saws to take down the tree as smoothly and safely as possible. Without the proper tools, safety equipment, and training, DIYers risk serious physical harm to themselves and others. From extension ladder issues to chainsaw accidents, there’s a lot that can go wrong in even a fraction of a second.

2. Personal Property Damage

tree cuttingWhen the tree falls in the wrong direction, it also risks damage to your property. Especially when the tree is located near your home, you can’t afford to take any chances. It can be extremely challenging to predict when and how a tree will fall without the proper training and experience.

3. Public Property Damage

In addition to damaging your home, vehicle, or landscaping, improper tree cutting can also cause severe destruction to public property. Namely, an expert knows how to steer clear of overhead electrical wires. Accidental damage to these wires can lead to electrocution; it can also get you into legal trouble.


Stay safe and protect your property when you enlist a professional arborist for all your tree cutting needs. The knowledgeable team from TrimCo Tree Experts in Dothan, AL, provide those across the Dale, Henry, Houston, and Barber counties the highest-quality tree trimming and removal services. The workers’ comp-equipped team is licensed, certified, and trained to tackle any project. To learn more about the tree specialists, visit the local business online or call today at (334) 791-2087.

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