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What's the Difference Between Metal Fabrication & Welding December 7, 2018

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What's the Difference Between Metal Fabrication & Welding, Willow Springs, Missouri

Whether for a commercial or residential need, metalworking offers virtually endless opportunity to create solutions for everyday problems. Yet, finding the right team for the project requires you to know the correct terminology. Unfortunately, there are two service offerings that often get confused — welding and fabrication. While there's plenty of crossovers, they're not the same. Here's a closer look at the differences between welders and metal fabricators.

A Guide to the Differences Between Metal Fabrication & Welding

How Do the Processes Compare?

Welding is a process where two metal pieces are fused together. The term "metal fabrication," on the other hand, refers to a much bigger project scope that involves creating a new metal structure from scratch. While fabrication shops typically utilize welding in the construction process, they also rely on bending, cutting, and stamping techniques to achieve the desired result.

How Do the Goals Differ?

metal fabricatorWith welding, the goal is solely to join separate metal components together to create a single solid and sturdy piece. As such, it's a vital component of fabrication. But, a metal fabricator's focus goes beyond the simple fusion of pieces and delves into design and engineering. To complete a stable, safe structure, they need to consider every aspect of the project, including layout and material thickness.

What Tools Are Used?

There are a few different styles of welding used in the industry, including arc, metal inert gas, and tungsten inert gas. In fabrication shops, the welding style chosen is largely dependent on the experience and skill of the user as well as the type of materials being used. Along with welders, angle disc grinders, chipping hammers, benders, and consumable electrodes are just some of the many tools metal fabricators rely on to get the job done.

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