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4 Commercial Industries & How They Use Propane December 6, 2018

Hamilton, Warren
4 Commercial Industries & How They Use Propane, Hamilton, Ohio

Homeowners use propane to power appliances, heat water, and light furnaces. However, this versatile natural gas also has plenty of practical applications for commercial properties, especially since it’s clean burning and energy-efficient. Here are a few industries that use propane for everyday tasks.

4 Types of Businesses That Use Propane

1. Construction

Many construction vehicles and power equipment run on propane products. For instance, construction crews may use propane to heat asphalt or dry drywall. Propane gas also reduces harmful emissions, which protects the environment, as well as the health of workers on-site.

2. Commercial Kitchens

propaneGas stoves are standard in most commercial kitchens due to their ability to heat quickly and cook food evenly. Propane is also inexpensive and keeps utility costs low, which makes it a cost-effective solution for restaurants and cafeterias. Convenient propane delivery services save commercial kitchens time and money.  

3. Warehouses

Propane is typically the fuel of choice for forklifts, which play an integral role in warehouse logistics. Natural gas-powered forklifts are more convenient because you don’t have to wait for them to charge before operating them. They burn clean and don’t pollute the indoor air. 

4. Transportation

Several public transportation vehicles run on propane, including taxis, buses, and trains. Service and delivery trucks also tend to use propane as their primary fuel source. In the transportation industry, propane keeps operating costs to a minimum, meaning more affordable fares and fees for consumers. 


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