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Why You Should Never Ignore Muscle Spasms November 21, 2018

Fort Dodge, Webster
Why You Should Never Ignore Muscle Spasms, Fort Dodge, Iowa

Muscle spasms can range from a minor annoyance to extremely debilitating, and even if they’re momentary, they warrant a closer look. Muscles spasms can be a sign that you need to make lifestyle changes, or worse, that something more serious is occurring. By seeking a professional diagnosis from a chiropractor, you can be confident that nothing goes undetected and that a proper treatment plan is created to resolve the problem.

Your Guide to Muscle Spasms

What Is a Muscle Spasm?

muscle-spasms-midwest-spine-centerMuscle spasms occur when your muscle involuntarily contracts. They can happen anywhere in the body and can range from small twitches to larger, more painful cramps. Causes vary, but a few of the most common are muscle overuse, dehydration, or nutrient imbalances. In more serious cases, they can be related to nerve issues.

Why Is Treatment Necessary?

There’s no way to be certain of the causes on your own, which is why you need to see a chiropractor for an official diagnosis. Mineral deficiencies can be tied to other health issues, and you’ll need to determine a course of action to get them balanced. Likewise, if you’re experiencing muscle spasms from overworking your body, you’ll need to make lifestyle changes at work and at the gym to avoid more serious injury. In the case of nerve disorders, complications can lead to disability if they go unaddressed, which is why immediate treatment is required.

How Can a Chiropractor Help?

Once your chiropractor has identified the cause of the muscle spasms, they can use a series of adjustments, exercises, and stretches to help you prevent muscle tightness and strengthen weak areas. Massage therapy can also help with inflammation, and they can help you optimize your workout regimen so that you avoid injuries and fuel your body with sufficient nutrients.


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