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3 Myths About Trade School You Shouldn't Believe December 20, 2018

Long Island City, Queens
3 Myths About Trade School You Shouldn't Believe, Queens, New York

Nowadays, many people are heading back to school to get a degree post high school. A four-year program is extremely expensive and time-consuming. However, there’s a fantastic alternative: trade school. In many cases, a degree from a trade school provides the same (or better) earning potential. If you’ve heard about these institutions but aren’t sure what to think, read one for some comforting truths.

Trade School Misconceptions You Shouldn’t Believe

1. They Won’t Help You Find a Job.

Technical programs have a wide variety of resources available to their students, including job placement assistance. Before you apply to a program, ask to speak with one of their counselors, and inquire as to the extent of their help after graduation. You will find many students have fantastic experiences.

2. You Won’t Get a Good Job.

trade schoolTechnical schools prepare students to enter well-paying fields with many jobs that will allow individuals to live comfortably after graduation. Radiation therapists, for instance can make over $80,000 annually, while the median wage for an electrician is just over $50,000 per year.

3. You Can’t Change Careers Later.

While these programs offer a very focused education that will position you for a sustainable career, you will gain a variety of skills you can use later should you wish to transition to a different post in your field. Better still, you will have the background and training to work up the ladder and later branch off into a different department: Many electricians, for instance, go on to own their own businesses or oversee departments in other companies.


Trade school will prepare you for a rewarding, well-paid career, and Berk Trade and Business School has been a part of this process for more than 70 years. They have been training students to work as electricians, plumbers, and automotive technicians since 1940 and have small class sizes and flexible hours at their convenient location in Long Island City, NY. To learn more about enrollment, call (718) 729-0909 or visit their website today.

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