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3 Tips for First-Time Student Renters January 4, 2019

La Crosse, La Crosse County
3 Tips for First-Time Student Renters, La Crosse, Wisconsin

College can be a fun and exciting time, especially as you explore the world with your newfound independence. One of the new experiences you may face is renting off-campus housing. Renting an apartment is relatively simple. However, it is essential to understand a few key items when evaluating your student rental, as doing so can help make it a stress-free experience.

What to Look Out For in Your Student Rental

1. Understand Lease Terms

student rentalOnce you sign the lease, it becomes legally binding. Make sure you understand the details before you commit. How long is the lease term? If you only plan to be on campus for a certain amount of time, you don't want to sign a full-year contract. If you’re planning on subletting, make sure you clearly understand the rules as well. Will you be allowed to bring in roommates or sublet the apartment under the terms of your lease? Make sure you verify this before allowing anyone else to move into the apartment or you risk violating your lease and incurring fines.

2. Purchase Renters Insurance

The landlord's insurance policy only covers damage to the property. It does not protect you in the event of damage to your belongings. As such, you'll want to purchase what is known as a renters insurance policy. Your renters policy pays you to replace your items for a covered event such as theft or fire. Without renters insurance, you won't get reimbursement for your items. 

3. Inspect the Unit

Once you sign the lease for your student rental, you become liable for all damage to the unit. Before signing the lease, ask the landlord to allow you to inspect the apartment. Write down any issues you see such as cracks or holes in the wall, water damage, and damaged carpet and tiles. If you come across problems, request the landlord address those items before you sign the lease.



Armed with a bit of knowledge, you can sign on the dotted line knowing that you've made the best decision possible. If you are seeking a student rental, Munson Realty Inc. in La Crosse County, WI, can help. They have a wide range of safe, clean, and affordable off-campus housing to meet your needs. Give them a call today at (608) 785-7187 to schedule a showing at one of their properties. You can also browse their selection of campus rentals on their website.

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