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3 Printing Tips for Improving Your Resume November 23, 2018

Charleston, Staten Island
3 Printing Tips for Improving Your Resume , Staten Island, New York

After you’ve written and properly formatted your resume, an important part of the task still remains: using the printer to create physical copies. Since you will be handing the document to potential employers during interviews, it’s crucial that you have impressive copies available. Here are a few tips for acing this last stage of the resume-creation process. 

How to Optimize Your Resume With a Printer

1. Use Distinct Paper

The purpose of a resume is to leave an impression in the mind of an interviewer. The challenge is to stand out in a distinguished way without seeming gaudy. Separate yourself from the pack by investing in paper that’s a bit heavier than standard sheets. Typical copy paper is about 20lbs per 500 sheets, so opt for 32lb paper, which is often used for brochures and flyers. That heft helps convey that the document is of some importance. It’s also wise to choose a shade of paper that is a bit off-white, such as cream or ivory, to subtly differentiate your credentials. 

2. Choose Black Ink

printerThe drive to standing out should have limits. Some applicants spruce up their page with a variety of colors and fonts to catch the eye. However, that design excess can be distracting. Load up your printer with classic black ink so it’s as clear as possible against the light paper. That way, you’ll ensure that the focus is on your content and experience. 

3. Connect to a High Res Printer

For all these small innovations to work, you need to use a modern hi-resolution printer. With a powerful machine at hand, the ink won’t run and each page will appear orderly and professional. If you print a page and the type is fuzzy, or you encounter any other problems, have your machine repaired or replaced. A shoddily made resume will make it that much harder to land your dream job. 


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