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5 Essential Luxury Vehicle Maintenance Tips November 20, 2018

Rock Hill, Clayton
5 Essential Luxury Vehicle Maintenance Tips, Clayton, Missouri

Whether your beautiful new ride is an Audi, BMW, Porsche®, Ferrari, or another member of the luxury vehicle pantheon, you naturally want to do everything you can to keep the car in the best condition possible. Luxury vehicle maintenance is carefully tailored to ensure your car looks great and to prolong its life. Use the following tips as your starting guide for creating a maintenance routine specific to your make and model.

Top 5 Luxury Vehicle Maintenance Tips You Need To Know

1. Refer To Your Owner’s Manual

Devise a luxury vehicle maintenance schedule based on your owner’s manual. Refer to it to determine how often it needs tune-ups, fluid changes, new brake pads, filter changes, wheel alignments, and tire rotations. It will also give you an understanding of every behind-the-dash function of the car. Your owner’s manual is one of your most important tools for making certain your vehicle goes many extra miles. luxury vehicle maintenance

2. Use The Proper Cleaning Products

Only clean your vehicle with the recommended products to avoid damaging the interior and exterior. Depending on what type of car you own, you may need higher-quality detergents and waxes. Also, avoid rinsing your car with hard water since it will leave unsightly streaks. Mineral deposits from hard water can also damage vehicle paint and other components.

3. Condition The Leather

Use the manufacturer-recommended leather conditioner if your luxury vehicle includes leather seats. The right conditioner keeps the leather supple to prevent untimely cracks and other issues. Refrain from using water or bleach and ammonia-based cleaners on leather as they will stain. If your seats include perforated leather, purchase conditioner that will not collect under the material.

4. Store The Vehicle In The Right Environment

Keep up with luxury vehicle maintenance by storing your car in the right environment. Pay attention to weather changes, as frigid temperatures have a particularly damaging effect on cars and trucks. Consider storing your car in a heated garage when necessary, in addition to covering it with a high-quality cover. This provides extra protection from dirt and debris. 

5. Check Tire Inflation

Use a tire pressure gauge about once a month to check inflation. Overly-inflated tires make less contact with the road because they are stiffer, resulting in performance problems and uneven wear. Under-inflated tires make too much contact with the road, also resulting in rim damage, which is an expensive fix. Proper tire inflation for your vehicle type promotes better handling and improves fuel economy.


Reid Vann Luxury Import Specialists provides unmatched luxury vehicle maintenance services to drivers throughout Saint Louis, MO, and the surrounding areas. These ASE-certified technicians routinely work with Porsche®, Audi, Mercedes Benz, and BMW vehicles, including complete chassis repair and service, and custom alignments. Call (314) 968-4100 to schedule an appointment today or visit the technicians online for service information.

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