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3 Tips for Choosing a Water Well Drilling Location November 15, 2018

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3 Tips for Choosing a Water Well Drilling Location , Oconto Falls, Wisconsin

A significant part of the water well drilling process is choosing the right location. It will impact how deep you need to drill, how much water the well yields, and the quality of the water you get. Work with an experienced drilling contractor to find the perfect location on your property for a new well.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Water Well Location?

1. Ground Type

Some ground types are more difficult for water well drilling than others. For example, bedrock is too hard to be drilled through, as well as a lot of soil types with large rocks. The ideal soil is sand or loam, which doesn’t provide a lot of resistance and holds water well. However, deeper soil is different than the topsoil, so professional testing or a geological survey is required before drilling begins.

2. Contaminants

water well drillingA well should be at least 200 yards away from any potential contaminant sources. This could include garbage dumps, septic tanks, drain fields, animal enclosures, or any agricultural fields that use pesticides. The drilling should be done at a high point in the land as well; depressions allow surface water and rain to pool, which could sink down into the wellhead and contaminate the water.

3. Natural Water Sources

Your well needs to tap a healthy natural water source such as an aquifer. The closer the water is to the surface, the more affordable the well will be to drill. A professional knows how to analyze a geological survey, so you can find a source that is clean and provides enough water.


The team at Luisier Drilling has specialized in water well drilling and planning for Oconto Falls, WI, residents since 1936. They know how to find the right location for your well and provide a 10-year guarantee that it will produce the purest and safest water. Learn more about their residential water systems services online, and call (920) 848-5239 to request a free estimate for your new well. 

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