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5 Tips for Transitioning Your Child From Picture to Chapter Books November 20, 2018

West Village, Manhattan
5 Tips for Transitioning Your Child From Picture to Chapter Books, Manhattan, New York

When it’s time for your child to make the leap from picture to chapter books, the transition should be gradual and guided. Kids develop at different rates, so it’s important that their education matches their pace and doesn’t push too much before they’re ready. Here’s how to help your young one progress to their next reading adventure. 

How to Help Your Child Advance to Chapter Books

1. Gauge Their Reading Level

Before you start picking out titles from your local bookshop, determine your child’s reading level. Giving them a book that’s too advanced may frustrate them early on, leading to negative feelings about reading. Test their level by borrowing a few age-appropriate books from your library branch. If your child is able to read multiple sentences out loud with little effort, they’re ready. 

2. Find Illustrated Chapter Books

Jumping from pages of colorful imagery to solid text won’t be appealing to most young children, especially visual learners. Many children’s chapter books still contain a few pictures throughout, so start your child off with these to keep their attention, make their education more fun, and ensure a smoother transition.

3. Help Them Choose the Best Bookseducation

Adults know not to judge a book by its cover, and children should, too. Help them figure out how to pick out books they’ll find interesting. They should look at the title, locate the summary, and skim the first page for reading comprehension. Choosing books on their own will give them agency in their own education and allow them to explore their interests.

4. Read Along With Them

For a child, reading a chapter book on your own for the first time can be intimidating. Sit with them and take turns reading to keep them focused and involved. By actively listening, you’ll be able to watch for their strengths and weaknesses, get an idea of their reading level, and determine if a book is too complicated or easy for them.

5. Don’t Throw Away the Picture Books

While you might be tempted to create more room for chapter books on your child’s bookshelf, don’t toss their old picture books just yet. Picture books help teach children how to visualize stories while offering a quick but language-rich read. In order to provide some variety, give them a mix of both picture and chapter books at first. Gradually replace them all with chapter books once your child seems ready. 


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