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Why All Kids Should Try DIY Science Experiments November 16, 2018

Enterprise, Clark
Why All Kids Should Try DIY Science Experiments, Enterprise, Nevada

Once little ones step into their first pair of baby shoes, they start exploring the world around them and the science that helps make it all possible. While science lessons can be learned from books or in the classroom, young students will find that it’s just as educational—and maybe even more exciting—to experiment with them at home. If you’re looking for a fun activity to do with your child, here are a few reasons why DIY science experiments are the way to go.

What Are the Benefits of At-Home Science Experiments?

Affordable Supplies

While many kid-centric activities and games can be expensive, at-home science experiments can often be done using relatively affordable materials—including some items you may already have at home.

For example, if you’re looking for a spur-of-the-moment activity that demonstrates chemical reactions, try combining Borax with glue to create a silly slime. You can also use everyday objects to explore the depths of physical science—such as using old baby shoes to show how rubberized soles help create traction on different surfaces.

Encourages Interactive & Tactile Skills

baby shoesAs impressive as modern technology is, today’s children spend more time with screens than the youth of previous generations. DIY science experiments provide a great opportunity for kids to get away from their devices and interact with the physical world around them. Whether they are making homemade rock candy or wearing a blindfold to identify foods by taste alone, these activities help kids enhance their senses.

Sparks Imagination

While many kid-friendly science experiments come with instructions, these activities will often cause your child to wonder what would happen if they changed certain steps. By asking, “What if?” young scholars can stretch their imagination and see what new lessons can be discovered when they think outside the box.

Creates Quality Time

Kids, especially younger ones, will typically need the assistance of an adult to perform at-home science experiments. Fortunately, this need for supervision allows parents to share a unique experience with their children. With the phones away and a fun activity in front of you, this will be an excellent opportunity for bonding.


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