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How to Eliminate Microplastics From Drinking Water December 13, 2018

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How to Eliminate Microplastics From Drinking Water, Crystal, Minnesota

Microplastics are tiny plastic particles that enter the environment, usually through trash and pollution. These barely seen bits have been found in both tap and bottled water alike, even after it’s filtered through processing and treatment centers. Understanding what you and your family are ingesting is important for maintaining a healthy home. There are many products available to help filter out these pieces. Here is a brief guide on microplastics and why you should have your plumber install a filter today.

What Particles Are Found in Water?

Microplastics can be anything from plastic bags to synthetic fibers in clothing that seep into waterways and the air. While large particles are removed during water treatment, the tiniest pieces can get through—even after filtering. Unfortunately, that means humans are now consuming these bits of plastic with every drink.

Both tap and bottled water show varying degrees of microplastics, with the United States’ levels being the highest tested at a whopping 93% contamination rate. Because of this, the effects of microplastics on health are now being examined, and an effort to reduce the amount of particles is underway. For homeowners, the best way to limit contamination in your water source is to call a plumber for a filtration system that is suited to catch particles large and small.

How Can You Clean Drinking Water?

plumberThere are a few different types of filters available, such as stoneware and ceramic purifiers that purge drinking water. A carbon block also reduces the presence of microplastics, eliminating the tiniest particles, as well as other elements, such as lead, bacteria, and chlorine. They also feature biodegradable refills, making them environmentally friendly.

Reverse osmosis filters can remove the smallest of plastics, making it the most thorough solution for cleaning drinking water. Because of this, they do require more maintenance and will be a bigger investment to install. However, the taste of your water also improves once contaminants are completely removed. Call a plumber who specializes in water filtration and purification to find the best choice for your property.


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