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4 FAQ About Motorcycle Accident Laws in Connecticut November 20, 2018

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4 FAQ About Motorcycle Accident Laws in Connecticut, Groton, Connecticut

Every year, more than 50 people are involved in motorcycle accidents on Connecticut roads. Understanding the state's motorcycle accident laws will ensure you get compensation, but as with any legal area, this subject can be complex and involved. Below are four of the most common questions drivers have regarding motorcycle laws in Connecticut. 

Understanding Motorcycle Accident Laws in Connecticut 

How is fault determined in a Connecticut motorcycle accident case?

Several factors are used to determine who is legally liable in a motorcycle accident, such as who had the right of way, whether either of the drivers was distracted, and the speed each vehicle was traveling. But, ultimately, the amount of liability will be determined by the state's negligence laws. Connecticut is a modified comparative negligence state, meaning a plaintiff can seek compensation in a case for which they are partially responsible, so long as they are not more than 51% liable.

Are motorcyclists required to carry insurance?

Yes. In Connecticut, all registered vehicles must have valid liability insurance, including motorcycles. If the motorcyclist involved in your accident did not carry the minimum amount of insurance required by law, they could face potential punitive and monetary consequences.

Does a motorcyclist have to wear a helmet?

motorcycle accidentNo. Only motorcyclists 17 years old or younger must, by law, wear a helmet in the Nutmeg State. Every state has slightly different laws about the use of helmets, and Connecticut's guidelines don't mandate helmets for legal adults. However, helmets can save lives. So even if it’s not mandatory, it’s wise to wear one at all times to protect your head from injury. 

I was injured in a motorcycle accident. What damages can I pursue?

There are several types of damages you can pursue, depending on the nature and extent of the accident. These might include compensation for medical bills, lost wages from missing work, vehicle damage, and pain and emotional distress. Consult with your injury lawyer to examine all possibilities for compensation.



Knowing how state laws impact a motorcycle accident case can help you make the best possible decisions when navigating the legal system. Personal injury lawyer Mark O. Grater, Attorney at Law, has served New London County, CT, in all types of injury and accident claims for more than 30 years. He also offers representation in bankruptcy, workers' compensation, and estate planning matters. Call (860) 449-8059 or visit his website to arrange a consultation.

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