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Protect Your Small Business From These 4 Common Holiday-Related Risks November 26, 2018

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Protect Your Small Business From These 4 Common Holiday-Related Risks, Batavia, Ohio

Just as a homeowner has home insurance to protect where they live, a small business owner should have insurance in place to protect their livelihood and all they've worked for. A business owner has a responsibility to provide a safe environment for workers and patrons, but despite one's best intentions, accidents can still happen--and this is where insurance comes in. The holidays have a number of specific risks that any business owner should be aware of in order to find the most comprehensive insurance coverage and protection possible; below, four of these risks are discussed in more detail.

4 Common Holiday Risks for Small Business Owners

1. Slips & Falls

A slip and fall might sound like a relatively minor injury, but an accident of this type can cause a victim significant hardship, from health issues to medical bills, from lost wages to pain and suffering. In general, any type of action that resulted in a person falling from an upright position to a prone one will qualify as a slip and fall. At a small business, this might mean a customer slipping on an icy walkway, on an untended spill on the floor, or on damage to carpeting or flooring. While home insurance safeguards the homeowner from liability in a slip and fall on their property, business insurance coverage works much the same.

2. Shoplifting

Incidents of shoplifting increase during the holiday season. When your store is the victim of shoplifters, it has a very real effect on your bottom line. You may have to increase prices to make up for the lost sales, and this, in turn, could cause shoppers to look elsewhere.

3. Seasonal Staff

home insuranceThese are the workers you hire just for the duration of the holiday season. While their help can be crucial, they are also an additional expense and, in some cases, risk. Seasonal staff members may not be fully trained on safety issues, or they may be unclear about the duration of their time with the business; both of these situations could be a liability to the small business owner.

4. Winter Weather

Colder temperatures and falling snow help add ambiance to the holidays. But extreme weather events can have an adverse impact on a small business. A windstorm or snowstorm could cause building damage, frozen pipes could burst and destroy inventory, and ice dams on the roof could create leaks. Any of these scenarios might lead to a business closing its doors during the busy shopping season, however temporarily--and that equates to a loss in revenue.


As you can see, the holidays come with certain risks for small business owners, but, fortunately, the right insurance can provide a solid safeguard. Kramer-Myers & Werring-Dickerson Insurance is a business and home insurance provider that has been serving Clermont County, Ohio, since 1960. They also offer auto insurance and life insurance. To find the best coverage for your small business, contact them today by calling (513) 732-1461, or visit them online for more information about home insurance.

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