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4 Important Questions to Ask a Snow Removal Company November 20, 2018

4 Important Questions to Ask a Snow Removal Company, Kodiak, Alaska

There are many reasons businesses need snow removal. It not only prevents safety and liability issues, but it also provides a clean facade and allows companies to focus their time and efforts on their projects and customers. If you’re thinking about hiring a contractor to clear your property, here’s what to ask them before you agree to services. 

Essential Questions for Snow Removal Teams 

What type of services do you provide? 

Not all removal services are equal. Some companies offer simple clearing or dumping, while others also provide soil remediation and continuous ice control. If you require assistance beyond moving snow away from your property, ensure the contractor you choose provides the services you need.

What kind of equipment do you have? 

Snow RemovalMost business owners who hire a snow removal team do it because they need to clear a large space. An ideal company has a fleet of snowplows, front-end loaders, and pushers to quickly and efficiently move mounds of snow away. Since they own multiple machines, they’ll be able to get to your property in hours—instead of days. 

Do you follow industry standards & local regulations? 

To provide your business with quality, safe services, the American National Standards Institute has established a set of professional removal standards. They outline how to properly document snow removal and reduce environmental impact and share the best practices for operators and equipment. Also, each state or community has their own regulations for clean and proper removal. The general contractor you choose should be trained and up to date on each rule and requirement. 

When can you arrive? 

After a heavy snowfall, your preferred contractor may have several local businesses interested in their services. When you call to schedule an appointment, make sure the team can be there on a date and time that works for your needs. If it’s important to clear your area as soon as possible, some companies offer two- or same-day services.


Construction and maintenance jobs are most successful when you have a skilled team and quality equipment. MK Enterprises in Kodiak, AK, is a general contractor with over four decades of experience, offering a full range of convenient and flexible services to help you complete your most urgent projects. To discuss your snow removal needs, call them at (907) 486-5537. To learn more about their services, visit their website.

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