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When a Tire Needs to be Replaced Versus Repaired November 23, 2018

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When a Tire Needs to be Replaced Versus Repaired, Paterson, New Jersey

When you get a flat tire, your first thought might be whether the damage can be repaired, or if you’ll need a replacement. The answer depends on the kind of damage that it sustained as well as the last time you had it replaced. Here’s how to determine what the best solution is for your situation.

When You Need a Replacement

Puncture Damage

tiresDid you run over a nail or an object that punctured your tire? If the puncture occurred on the sidewall or shoulder, you will need to have it replaced. A repair has the potential to fail, resulting in a blowout that can put you and your car at risk. The puncture also cannot be larger than one-fourth of an inch in diameter. If you are on a budget, consider purchasing used tires to replace your damaged set.

Cut Damage

If you have a cut or gash, this often cannot be repaired if it is longer than one-fourth of an inch. This kind of damage is difficult to repair using a patch or plug, which are designed for round punctures. Additionally, a cut can compromise the steel cords inside your tire’s rubber that give it strength. Repairing a cut will put you at risk for future damage.

Too Little Air Pressure

It’s essential to immediately fill your tires if you notice they are low on air. When you continue to drive around on an underinflated tire, you can cause serious damage to the sidewall. The damage encompasses the entire side of the tire and cannot be repaired.

Damage That Can Be Repaired

Multiple Punctures Spaced Apart

Does your tire have multiple punctures? If they are at least 16 inches apart, you can most likely have the damage repaired. Each puncture should also be no more than one-fourth of an inch large. A technician should use both a plug and patch to provide secure coverage. A plug should be inserted from the inside, with a patch added on top for complete protection.

First-Time Damage

If this is the first time that your tire has been damaged, and the puncture isn’t large, then there is a good chance you will be able to have a repair done. However, it’s not advised to repair a tire more than twice. This will compromise the integrity of the rubber and puts you at risk for future damage or blowouts.


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