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What You Need to Know About Hydropools November 19, 2018

Moanalua, Honolulu
What You Need to Know About Hydropools, Honolulu, Hawaii

Imagine obtaining the fun of a swimming pool and the therapeutic benefits of a spa all in one product. With their versatility, hydropools  are fun for the whole family year-round. Learn more about the utility and benefits of this swim spa in the guide below.

The Complete Guide to Hydropools

What Are Hydropools?

Hydropools are a mix of hot tubs and swimming pools. Smaller than a typical pool yet longer than a hot tub, they contain a series of jets that utilize hydrotherapy to soothe, heal, and streamline motion. Any homeowner can enjoy these conveniently sized swim spas right in their backyard.

How Do Hydropools Differ From Swimming Pools?

Whether you prefer to swim as a workout or recreational activity, hydropools take the best aspects of traditional pools and develop them into an efficient swimming experience. Swimming pools require constant cleanup, costly repairs, and time-consuming maintenance. Hydropools, on the other hand, feature a self-cleaning function that filters out dirt and debris, giving you consistently clean water. They also provide improved insulation, eco-heat exchange, and motor waste heat recovery for enhanced energy efficiency. Their smaller size and lower price make them more accessible to a wider range of homeowners as well.

What Are the Benefits of Hydropools?

When it comes to exercise hydropoolsand healthy living, hydropools give users an advantage. Hydrotherapy is an ancient form of rehabilitation that uses the healing properties of water to assist with pain, tension, injury, and stress relief. The adjustable heat and spa jets of your hydropool will increase blood flow, improving circulation and accelerating the healing process.

Exercising underwater is known to be an effective method of building strength, and hydropools use this to your advantage. Their jets provide a smooth line of motion to allow you to perfect your form and get a good workout. Additionally, you aren’t restricted to just swimming. Non-slip floors make training and jogging safe and easy. When you’re ready to wrap it up, you can stretch, sit back, and relax as the swim spa eases you out of the workout session. They serve as the ideal facilities for exercising and unwinding.


Take advantage of hydrotherapy with hydropools and hot tubs from Sundance® Spas of Hawaii. Based on Oahu, HI, this spa dealer offers a broad selection of high-quality products with luxury features. You can add on custom accessories to suit your needs, from fragrant SunScents™ to drink trays. Their knowledgeable staff members will help you find the perfect model for your family, which you can test at the showroom. For more information on their systems’ features, visit the Hydropool Hawaii website or call (808) 833-6046.

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