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When Does My Clutch Need to Be Replaced? November 16, 2018

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When Does My Clutch Need to Be Replaced?, Elizabethtown, Kentucky

There are numerous issues that can occur among your vehicle’s inner-workings — and they won’t all pop up on the dashboard. For example, consider the clutch. This component is responsible for allowing the driver to change gears as the car accelerates and decelerates. To detect issues with this crucial auto part, look out for the following warning signs that you need clutch repair or replacement.

3 Signs Something’s Wrong With Your Clutch

1. Slip

This is the most tell-tale sign of a clutch issue. The friction material on the outside of the clutch disc will wear down, similar to brake pads, allowing the part to slip. You might be able to feel this while driving up a steep incline, or if the engine revs while you press the throttle pedal but the car doesn’t accelerate. If slipping occurs, there’s a good chance you’ll need a clutch replacement.

2. Judder

clutch repairDoes your car’s engine violently vibrate when you start moving from a full stop? This is known as clutch judder, and it may indicate the need for clutch repair. In this case, oil or fluid under the hood may have made its way onto the clutch, preventing the friction material from catching fully. As the clutch slips, grips, and slips again in fast succession, it makes a shuddering sound. 

3. Broken Cable

Another key component of the clutch is the cable, which the disc slides back and forth on. Due to natural deterioration, it can eventually become stretched out. In some cases, it may snap altogether. This issue can be harder to detect, but engine and acceleration issues might indicate you need to see a clutch repair professional for help. This mechanism requires a delicate balance of tension to operate effectively, so it may need to be replaced if the cable is compromised.


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