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4 Flu Shot Myths Debunked November 29, 2018

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4 Flu Shot Myths Debunked, Bronx, New York

With temperatures dropping and winter on the horizon, it’s officially flu season. This debilitating and contagious virus can make you sick for days and often requires the help of an experienced doctor to manage and monitor symptoms. That’s why health care professionals recommend that every family take the time to get flu shots. If you’re concerned about this vaccine and its effectiveness due to rampant misinformation, here are few myths resolved.

Top 4 Myths About Flu Shots Demystified

1. Healthy People Don’t Need Flu Shots

DoctorHaving a healthy immune system cannot protect you from the flu, especially if the virus is spreading at your workplace or school. That’s why the Center for Disease Control and Prevention™ recommends that every individual over the age of six months should get the vaccine, whether you’re in perfect health or you have a chronic condition. By getting a flu shot, you not only protect yourself; you also support your community by decreasing the virus’ ability to spread.

2. The Flu Vaccine Makes You Sick

The flu vaccine is composed of an activated virus; however, getting this injection will not make you sick. If you receive your shot and you get the flu shortly thereafter, it’s because the illness was already in your system; you were likely going to get sick regardless.

3. Getting the Flu Does Not Require Medical Care

While the flu and the common cold have similar symptoms — such as a sore throat, stuffy nose, sneezing, and a cough — the flu is much more dangerous. In fact, over 300,000 Americans had to visit a medical center for treatment in 2016, and the virus resulted in upwards of 50,000 deaths in one season alone. If you did not get the vaccine and you’re experiencing extreme symptoms as well as a high fever, it’s critical to immediately call your doctor.

4. You Only Need the Flu Shot Once

The influenza virus is smart and adaptable, and it mutates frequently. Thus, a new flu vaccine is created annually and geared toward protecting individuals from the year’s primary strains. To reduce your odds of contracting the virus, you must see your doctor every year for a new shot.


Morris Park Medical Center is a state-of-the-art family medicine practice that’s known for bringing New York City standards to residents throughout the Bronx. If you’re looking for an experienced doctor who prioritizes bedside manner and preventative care, especially during flu season, call this clinic today at (718) 664-7679 to schedule an appointment. For additional information on their services — including the treatment of respiratory infections, headaches, and asthma — visit their website.

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