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3 Factors That Impact How Often You Should Change Your Air Filter November 28, 2018

Farmersville, Montgomery
3 Factors That Impact How Often You Should Change Your Air Filter, Farmersville, Ohio

Your air filter is an important component in your HVAC system. It helps the furnace or air conditioner work optimally by preventing airborne allergens like dander, mold, and pollen from spreading around your home. However, many homeowners are not sure how often they need to clean or replace their HVAC filters to maintain good air quality. If you need to know how often to change your filter between visits from your heating contractor, here are three components which may affect how often your filter needs to be changed.

3 Factors to Consider About Changing Your Air Filter

1. Number of People and Pets in the House

heating contractorThe number of people living in a house has a big impact on air quality. For instance, a one-person household may be able to replace their air filter on the schedule which their owner’s manual recommends, while a family of four may need to do so much more often. Additionally, pets add dander, dirt, dust, and pollen to the air when they come in from a walk outside. Your air filter’s efficiency will go down with each pet you have, so households with multiple pets should replace their air filters even more often.

2. Family Members With Allergies

Households with family members who are allergic or sensitive to contaminants should change their air filters monthly or every 45 days. The cleaner air will help ensure they remain healthy and can breathe more easily than if the filter isn’t regularly changed. Consult with an air and heating contractor to determine what your best options are for maintaining the air quality in your home.

3. Frequency of HVAC Use

How often you need to change filters may also depend on how much you use your HVAC system. A vacation home that's rarely used could do with an annual filter change, while a typical family home should have the air filter changed regularly. However, for optimal performance, hire an air & heating contractor to change the filters at more frequent intervals when the HVAC system is used heavily, such as during summer.


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