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3 Characteristics of High-Quality Tiramisu January 7, 2019

Westchester Village, Bronx
3 Characteristics of High-Quality Tiramisu, Bronx, New York

When dining at an Italian restaurant, indulging in a sweet treat like tiramisu is an excellent way to finish the meal. Although the dessert is a popular item on menus at all types of eateries, it was first created in Italy and has been a staple of the cuisine ever since. To ensure you enjoy each bite, here are the top qualities tiramisu should possess.

3 Features of Authentic Tiramisu

1. Mascarpone Filling

Italian restaurantMascarpone is a key ingredient in tiramisu at authentic Italian restaurants. The creamy texture of the sweet Italian cheese complements the sponginess of the ladyfingers. If mascarpone is hard to find, some restaurants modify the recipe and use whipped heavy cream or cream cheese. The substitutes often throw off the flavor profile and weigh down the otherwise light, airy dessert.

2. Even Layers

When you dig into a mouthful of tiramisu, you should first taste the cocoa powder, followed by the smooth mascarpone, and then the tangy notes of the espresso-dipped ladyfingers. The layers should be even, as you’ll be able to taste each flavor as intended. When tiers aren’t balanced, it could hurt the presentation, as well as the delicacy, of the dessert.

3. Noticeable Espresso & Cocoa Powder Taste

Going along with the importance of even layers, no flavor should overshadow the others. When too much mascarpone is used, for example, the buttery notes could overshadow the richness of the cocoa powder dusting and espresso. When the dish is made correctly, you should be able to taste both ingredients.


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