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Why You Should Never Try to Install a Water Heater on Your Own December 6, 2018

Broadway, Crystal
Why You Should Never Try to Install a Water Heater on Your Own, Crystal, Minnesota

Many new homeowners try to tackle DIY projects to save money, but installing a water heater shouldn’t be one of them. Water heaters perform an essential function – keeping water warm or hot for laundry, cooking, and bathing – which is why proper installation is imperative. Setup might seem simple, but the slightest mistake could damage your unit, plumbing, or home, causing significant and costly repairs. Not convinced? Consider these reasons you should always leave water heater installation to the professionals. 

3 Reasons to Hire a Professional for Water Heater Installation

1. You Risk Backdrafting

Professionals will identify and correct the wrong size or type of unit, poor vent design, and inadequate air supply, all of which cause backdrafting. Backdrafting happens when exhaust fumes from a gas-powered unit – including dangerous carbon monoxide – are channeled into the home instead of out of it. Without professional expertise, DIYers may fail to properly ventilate the area, resulting in exposure to harmful effluvia. 

2. It’s the Law

water heaterMinnesota law generally requires licensed plumbers to complete all residential plumbing projects because of the risks involved with mixing gas and electrical wiring. Aside from that, professionals understand codes and regulations, which change frequently. For example, law prohibits a water heater’s relief valve from discharging into the emergency drain pan, which is required depending on where the heater is installed. 

3. There Needs to Be Proper Drainage

Drainage pans and piping must be installed along with each water heater to prevent moisture from infiltrating your home. Inadequate drainage will cause mold and mildew, and also shorten the lifespan of your unit. A licensed plumber will use his education and experience to prevent leaks before they occur.


When you need to install a new water heater, the licensed plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in New Hope, MN, are always happy to assist. With more than 44 years of experience, this plumbing company specializes in drain cleaning, equipment installation and repair, and general plumbing services. If an attempted DIY fix causes disaster, they offer 24-hour emergency service. Call (612) 217-7761 or visit them online to schedule an appointment today.

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