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3 Simple WiFi Troubleshooting Tips November 16, 2018

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3 Simple WiFi Troubleshooting Tips, Kalispell, Montana

A spotty internet connection can be a big deal, especially if you rely on that connection for work or school. When things go wrong, it can be hard to know where to start. However, there are a few simple items you can check that might get things cleared up. Here are a few tips you can try before heading out to the computer repair shop.

1. Check Your Connections

Your first task is to determine if WiFi is turned on in your wireless settings. If not, turning it back on can get things working again. When you are sure that your WiFi is on, check the router itself. Make sure it is plugged into the power source and that you are getting a signal from your ISP. If you are not getting a signal from your ISP, you'll need to give them a call as they may be able to help you get back online. Computer repair shops cannot do anything about your ISP sending out a signal.

computer repair2. Check Signal Strength

If you get great WiFi in one room, but not another, try checking the signal strength in your computer's wireless settings. If you only see one or two bars, your signal may be too weak to get a reliable connection throughout the house. You can try repositioning the direction of the router's antenna. You can also try relocating the router to another location in the house. 

3. Perform a Reset

Sometimes, both your router and computer need a refresh. There are several reasons why you may need to reboot either of these items. If you have recently updated your computer, you may have lost your internet settings in the process. Or, your ISP may have made changes to your router's firmware that your router didn't pick up. Unplug the router from the power source then turn off your computer. Wait at least sixty seconds then turn them both back on. 


If you are still experiencing problems, thankfully there's RadioActive of Kalispell, MT. This tech-savvy team of computer repair experts has over 60 years of experience in repairing both PCs and Macs. They have a wide array of parts in stock, so they can help you with your issue and get you back to work in no time. Call these computer repair specialists today at  (406) 257-5999 to speak with a technician. You can also request an appointment online by visiting their website.

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