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Can Dental Conditions Affect What You Eat? November 15, 2018

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Can Dental Conditions Affect What You Eat?, Kodiak, Alaska

Certain dental issues can make it tough to eat your favorite foods, or even eat at all, depending on your pain and sensitivity level. Whether you want to reduce oral discomfort or preserve delicate dental crowns or fillings, dentists recommend tweaking your diet for the reasons below. 

Oral Health Issues That Can Impact Your Diet

Oral Surgery

Whether you’re having a tooth extracted or undergoing a root canal, your dentist may recommend a special diet pre- and post-procedure. Soft foods are usually recommended, including oatmeal, pasta, mashed potatoes, soft cheeses, smoothies, and other easy-to-chew items. These foods will provide the nutritional content you need without disrupting the surgical site. Avoid hard food that can cause your tooth to break, chip, or irritate it further, such as chips, apples, and hard candy. Don’t eat citrus-based food or beverages such as lemonade or orange juice, as the acidity can cause tooth sensitivity and increase your pain.


dentistBraces and other orthodontic treatments can greatly improve the look of your smile. However, you’ll need to avoid certain foods to prevent damaging wires. Hard foods, like certain types of candy and nuts, should be avoided. You should also steer clear of toffee, pretzels, whole apples, corn on the cob, and anything else that could get stuck under your braces or otherwise cause damage. If soreness is an issue, soft foods are a good option until the tenderness subsides.

Dry Mouth

Medications or health conditions can cause dry mouth. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it can also exacerbate tooth decay and gum disease if not treated. Visit your dentist if you need treatment for dry mouth or consider changing medications. You should also drink plenty of water, which boosts the production of saliva, as well as avoiding alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and even caffeine, which tend to increase dryness. Sugar stimulates saliva, so sucking on sugar-free candy such as lollipops can give you quick relief. 



If you’re experiencing dental issues in Kodiak, AK, BridgeView Dental Group is here to help. Whether you’ve recently undergone surgery or have a chronic condition that impacts your oral health, this team of dentists can help you find relief. They offer a variety of essential services, from routine checkups to root canal procedures. They also provide cosmetic services like teeth whitening so that you can take pride in your smile. If you’d like to schedule an appointment, call (907) 486-3257 today. You can also visit their website to see a list of services. This clinic offers after-hours service in the event of a dental emergency.

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