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5 Ways to Shield Yourself From Facebook Scams November 12, 2018

Chillicothe, Ross
5 Ways to Shield Yourself From Facebook Scams, Chillicothe, Ohio

Facebook gives users an easy way to stay connected with friends and family. From event invitations to online hobby and social groups, the platform is a key part of most people’s daily life. Unfortunately, like many sites on the internet, Facebook is not free from scams, but there are ways to protect yourself from being a victim. 

How to Stay Safe From Facebook Internet Scams

1. Secure Confidential Information

The less you have on the internet, the safer you’ll be. Never display personal information, such as social security numbers, addresses, and phone numbers. Even if you think only friends can see it, those who want to do damage via the internet will find a way to retrieve your most personal details. Use profile settings to control who sees what, but take the extra precaution to leave out critical information.

2. Read Names

Carefully read the names of people contacting you. This includes friend requests, private messages, and posts to your page. If you don’t know the person, avoid connecting with them, especially if they’re asking for financial help. Look out for messages and posts with grammatical and spelling mistakes. Avoid messages from people posing as a family member or those filled with conflicting details about themselves.

3. Avoid Prizes, Lotteries, & Loans

internetSteer clear of notifications claiming you’ve won a prize or lottery, as well as those offering an instant loan that’s too good to be true. Typically, this internet scam asks for advances and fees to claim the prize or payout. They may also direct you to an outside page to reap your reward. Some scammers will pose as legitimate financial institutions. Look carefully at the names and addresses, and only connect with business pages that are verified.

4. Watch Links

Clickjacking is a tactic that spammers and scammers use to have innocent victims click on suspicious links. Often, these links are fake offers or an attempt to get you to “like” a certain page or product. The link may ask to access your Facebook account, and if your personal information is displayed, you are now vulnerable. Never enter information after clicking links and landing on external pages.

5. Be Careful of Romantic Offers & Donation Requests

Some unsavory people play on victims’ emotions. They’ll send romantic messages for an online relationship, or you’ll receive a link to make a donation for charity, complete with a heartbreaking image and story. These scams will try to get you onto another website to enter personal and banking information or have you wire money into an outside account. Be wary of suspicious online flirtation and only donate to a charity’s official site.


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