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How Senior Living Communities Keep People Sharp November 30, 2018

How Senior Living Communities Keep People Sharp, ,

Senior living communities are designed to be a place where the elderly can thrive and stay as active as possible through their golden years. While locations differ, the best offer unique amenities and social connections which will keep seniors engaged mentally, physically, and socially. Learn how they keep their residents sharp to determine if this is the best path for your loved one.

A Guide to Engaged Senior Living

How Communities Promote Vitality

Senior communities have amenities and programs in place to encourage an active lifestyle. For example, your relative can participate in anything from yoga classes to a book club. 

Because they live in close proximity to other seniors, it’s easy to have social relationships. Residents can get together for meals, attend events in groups, or meet at any of the amenities. This is a stark contrast to seniors who live at home, since they often spend their days inside and – in many cases – alone. 

Residents in communities are cooked three healthy meals a day, which makes it easy to maintain a balanced diet and helps keep them from skipping meals as seniors are likely to do.

senior livingHow to Encourage Engagement for Your Senior

While the community makes it easy to stay engaged, it will still require some effort from your relative. As you move your loved one into senior living, encourage them to participate in the activities. Walk them around and introduce them to their neighbors. Look at the list of programmed classes and activities, then circle a few options that interest them. Tell the community staff that your senior wants to participate in those options, so they can help get them to the activity if they need assistance.


Longhorn Village provides five-star living complete with recreational activities, excellent amenities, luxurious living spaces, and exclusive travel packages. This senior living community is home to people who are connected to the University of Texas and who want to enjoy an active, fulfilling lifestyle in Austin. Contact Longhorn Village online or at (512) 382-4664 to ask about their availability.

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